Grey Horizon Membership Application

Greetings New Applicant!

Do you enjoy raiding with a fun group of players who just enjoy EQ and having fun? Do You
follow instructions and focus well and put forth all of your effort while on raids and not sit
back and depend on others to do it for you? Then Grey Horizon is for you!

Here at Grey Horizon, we ALL have a role to play, a job to do, and we are all expected to
perform to the best of our abilities for each and every Raid, regardless of which Raid is
scheduled. And, Although our raids are not mandatory, we do have some firm rules about
missing raids. Each member is expected to attend scheduled raids if you are logged into
game. Actively XP'ing or doing other stuff in game rather than participating in raids while
logged in during scheduled raids is not recommended.

You MUST have a strong will to learn, be able to take criticism and not let petty issues cloud
your judgement of others. You MUST be willing to follow the directions of the Guild Leader
or Raid Leader without question, EVEN if you think they are wrong. We are an army of
players who like to win. And while we enjoy teaching our skills....We Do Not Babysit.

If you take offense in adult conversations or you have a severe fear of Trolls then perhaps
Grey Horizon is not for you...!

Thanks for your interest in Grey Horizon and we look forward to seeing you on board.

  MUST Be Level 105 To Join! NO EXCEPTIONS!
  MUST Have Minimum 7000 AA's To Join! NO EXCEPTIONS!
  You must have a Magelo account. You do not have to have
a premium account, the free account will do just fine.
Bronze Membership
Silver Membership
Gold Membership
  Friday 7pm EST
Saturday 2pm EST
Sunday 2pm EST
  Try to be specific....
  Example: Fido/Warrior/105/Acts Of War
List all alternate characters over level 85.
  What do you bring to the guild? What do you expect to
gain from being in Grey Horizon?
  Example: DPS, Crowd Control, Healer, Kiter, Slower, Tank.
  If you are unaware of what the limitations are for applicants, it
might be wise to ask before completing this application or read the
Code of Conduct again.