Grey Horizon Conduct & Raid Guidelines

When one joins a Grey Horizon raid, they are are stating their intentions to be a team player.  It is expected that each person plays to the best of their ability, and strives to improve their game at every level.  There are no exceptions.

Each area is outlined below in detail.  Read, understand, and comply with it all.  Thanks.
Start Times & Requirements Exact Raid Time(s), Day(s) and Minimum Requirements
Plan Ahead Raid Prep, Gather Points, Travel Items, etc.
Raid Invites Includes Minimum Requirements, and stipulations.
Channels Overview Where you need to be according to your class, role, assignment.
Raid Authority Overview Lead names associated with Prep/Coordination related to Class/Area
Buff & Debuff Assignments How we handle Buff/Debuffs, and their importance.
Class Responsibilities Parsing, knowing your class, keeping up with the times via your
  Class and discussion with others.
Suggested Character Minimums AA, Gear, and other recommendations
Mains, Alts and Boxes Our policy concerning these categories of players
AFK Policy Our policy, and suggested best practices.
Exploiters, Hacks, and Plooters Handling of EULA breaking, and Play Nice Rules
Noncompliance Policy Associated rules governing failure to comply with one or more of our guidelines


Start Times & Minimum Requirements

Below outlines our normal start times and minimum requirements to attend Grey Horizon raids.

Start Times

Weekday   7pm EST (If & when scheduled)
Friday       7pm EST
Saturday   2pm EST
Sunday     2pm EST

Minimum Requirements
  • Level 105
  • 7000 AA
  • All 6 MPG Group Trials completed (for resists) is helpful but easy to achieve
  • All 5 DoN Tiers (for power gains) is helpful but easy to achieve

Plan Ahead

Just as grouping requires planning ahead, similarly raiding is no different.  Below are a list of our expectations in this regard.

  • Know how to reach our gather points safely, and in a timely manner.
    • We don't do corpse drags.
    • We don't do COTH.
    • We can't do Banners for all.
    • If you're a slow zoner, allow sufficient time to reach the gather destination.
  • Mandatory Audio and/or Text Trigger Setup.  Use either of the following legit third party programs:
    • GINA
    • EQ in-game Audio Trigger feature, it causes lag for some, and is no where near as effective as Gina.
  • Have a form of INVISIBILITY.  Indispensable for travel.  Don't rely on others to provide this.
  • Have a form of SHRINK clicky/spell, unless small class already (ie, Halfling, Gnome, Dwarf).
    • Raids in big or small areas, when 54 people are together, it gets crowded fast.
    • Always SHRINK after zoning/rez in smaller areas or tight quarters.
    • Self reliance in this area prevents diverting others attention to do it for you.  Especially during a battle.
    • If you don't enjoy the lower viewpoint, learn to play in 3rd person view (F9 key to cycle views).

Raid Invites

Regardless of our current raid state, all of the following applies:
  • Minimum Level Requirements.
  • Any applicable: Group Task/Mission(s), and/or Raid Flag/Keys.
  • Mercenary suspended.
  • Not grouped with any out of zone players, and/or offline characters.
  • Not in any group/raid task/dz that conflicts with our forthcoming raid instance.
In addition to above, before a raid invite will be sent, the following must be met given the current state:

Initial Gather/Rally Call: Player character must be AT THE GATHER POINT.  Just being in the zone is not acceptable.

Prior to Event Engage, Between Events and/or Attempts/CR: When appropriate/feasible it is acceptable, and an invite will be sent providing the Initial Gather/Rally Call stipulation is met.

Mid-Event: Invites can and are sent if raid is not full or for sit-out groups.  However, DKP & Loot may not be granted if you joined midway through an event. Next raid moving forward, you may. It's not fair to those at the raid after we've engaged an encounter.  In addition, it looks shady adding players mid-way through from both a DKP & loot standpoint, and in general. Most importantly, this will be the Raid Leader's (Sarkus) call depending on the ending situation such as, I assume rotting.

Channels Overview

Channels are like buffs, in that you have a limited number you can be in at any given time.  When you're with us raiding, your priority is OUR CHANNELS.

The reason we have channels is to facilitate efficient communication.  When you're not where you're supposed to be, you miss out on important instruction and/or coordinated efforts related to your class, role and/or tasked duty at the time (ie, DPS burn setups, ADPS clicks, Buffs, Heals, Tank setup, CC etc).

To join a channel, simply type: /join channelname:password.  If the channel has no password, then just /join channelname, where channelname is the name of the channel you want to join.

If you see your class listed below, you should be in the associated channel always during our raids.

Raid Instruction & Coordination Channels

* Be aware: No Talking in /Raidsay

During all our raids, we have additional channels which we give specific instructions to.  Be in the channel associated with your class/role listed below:
Main Channels

Password: raids
Classes: All currently participating in raids while raids are in progress ( use this channel to speak instead of /rsay )

Password: alliance
Classes: Alliance Members

CHANNEL             CLASSES            
GHheals:heal ( Cleric, Druid, Shaman, Necro )
GHbashers:war ( Warrior )

Split Raid Channel Setups

When we need to split the raid into multiple areas, we have to sometimes divert into additional channels for groups to communicate effectively.

Split setups are assigned by group number(s).  You can find out your group number by pressing ALT-R to bring up the raid window.  Scan the list of players, look for your character(s), and the number to the left of the name is the group number.

Lead(s) are assigned to coordinate each section, prep/setup and delegate all players tasked within their assignment.

Observe and Conform to the following conditions:
  • Do not fart around thinking you're a "special case" and thus exempt from being where you are asked to be.
  • Leads are relying on your promptness in joining the appropriate channel(s).  Leads should never have to /vtell you directly to get your attention that you are not where you're supposed to be.

We recommend not boxing, however, if you've been asked by the leader for a specific class to class due to shortage and If you are boxing, and your characters are split between two or more areas and you know it will impede your effectiveness and/or risk wiping the raid due to emote failure on one or more characters being split up.  Then SPEAK UP and let us know!  It's very possible that we overlooked your setup by mistake and we can correct it before engage, potentially preventing mishaps and lost time.

Raid Authority Overview

Open raiding is a group effort.  To aid in co-ordinating events, and other aspects of any raid, there are individuals assigned to select areas and channels.  The structure is divided into two key areas: Raid Authority (RA), and Raidsay Authority (RSA).

Raid Authority List

Those listed here, operate within their associated channel, unless assigned elsewhere or in addition to. However, if this is needed for a specific event, it will be made known by the raid leader at that time.

Channel       Name
GHtanks --
GHheals --
GHcc --
GHdps Burn organizers: --

Raidsay Authority List

We hold to a general "No talking in /raidsay" policy.

Individuals listed below are part of event direction at times, and are exempt from the Grey Horizon "No talking in /raidsay" policy. 
Role(s)       Names
Raid Leader Sarkus
Co-Raid Officers Affpak, Ellrezzer, Rhayzer, Hellan, Saidyan
Loot Distribution Sarkus


- Main Assist may use /rs for their assist calls.
- Event specific, where an individual may be asked to perform a function requiring the use of /raidsay (if instructed).
- Puller Incoming message(s).

* Please Note:  Being temporarily assigned a function specific to an event, does not constitute a permanent promotion to the rank of RA / RSA.

Buff & Debuff Assignments

For efficiency, a player is delegated to assign related Buff/Debuffs.  The list is dynamic due to the nature that our raid makeup changes throughout the night and every raid.  Assignments are also shuffled around so that it isn't the same players filling the roles every raid.

In addition to reading the related posts, conform to the following.


Although we do MGB/TB buffing.  It is YOUR responsibility to be properly buffed (regardless of your class).  Improperly and/or lacking buffs, affects your ability to perform, which in turn weakens us as a team.

All requests for standard buffs are to be sent via /tell only.

Tanks: Paladins, Shadowknights, Warriors
  • Comply with the following setups:
    • Tank Communication
    • Buff Blocks
  • Ensure you have Divine Intercession and Shining Armor on.  If missing, ask for it in GHraids channel.
  • Ensure you have enough buff slots.  40 is the current max.  Don't fill up with crap like Blessing of Assurance (Spell haste, which does nothing for you, and multiple versions of it stack with each other for no use but to eat up your valuable slots).
Hybrid Tanks (Paladins & Shadowknights), you should always have your HP Stance line running when in battle.  There's no excuse not to use it.

Main Tanks and/or Assigned Tanks:  Get VoT from SK's if you're tasked to be on point for something.  Every bit of extra lead/agro helps.

Healers: Druids, Shaman, Clerics

We delegate players to help co-ordinate/setup who will maintain specific short term buffs on assigned Tanks. 

When tasked, the following lines MUST BE MAINTAINED, ALWAYS:
    Divine Intercession (Cleric)
    Shining Armor (Cleric)
    Growth Line (Druid, Shaman)
    Apathy (Shaman)
There are no exceptions.  You will be called on.  You will be assigned.  Don't stress over it!  This is your time to shine, and contribute that extra bit to the team effort!


When tasked with one or more specific debuffs, you are responsible for their application.  This is another team aspect, in which the raid is counting on you to apply the debuff(s) expeditiously.

Class Responsibilities

Mandatory DPS Parsing

Parser available here: GamParse
Classes: ALL DPS

Parsing is how one measures various areas of play.  Commonly used to collect and format DPS performance and organize it in an easy to read way.  There are other uses however, such as for monitoring spell casts, discs, abilities and tanking.

Why mandatory parsing?

Well, it's simple.  There is no other way to gauge your performance, except for parsing.  You can't visually see yourself doing "well" or "good" or "better" than before without a metric to measure the action(s), save the results, and refer back to them for comparison.

How does parsing relate directly to Grey Horizon raids?

Performance.  You cannot attend our raid with a mindset of: "I'll just float by and do my own thing".  It's all about pushing the envelope of play.  Remember, you're part of a collective, coordinating your actions with others.  You are just as responsible for your performance as the next person.  There are no special exceptions.  Think about what you contribute to the raid, and what are others doing by comparison.

Strive to be the best you can be.  Don't let your fellow raiders down by slacking.  If you mess up, fess up.  Learn from your mistakes, adjust your play to prevent it from happening again.  This is part of the raiding experience.  You chose to participate in it.  Live up to the expectations.

But... But.. But!  I raid for FUN!  I don't want to parse! Why me!?!

I'm here to tell you that "Fun" and "Performance" can and do exist simultaneously.  It's not one or the other.  Do not confuse our open raiding nature as an excuse to slack.  We raid a wide range of demanding content, including current expansion.  You want to be part of our team, then pull your weight, conform to our standards.

But.. <cry> my computer is too slow to parse!! Why are you picking on me again?!?

No one is asking anyone to parse in real-time.  Computer speed is irrelevant.  All one has to do is enable their log, have the proper parsing software available, and AFTER the event, RUN THE PARSER on your logfile.  It's so simple, a Dwarf could do it!

Know your Class & Adapt with the Times

Self explanatory.  But very important.  So much so, I'm going to explain why here in detail.

One must keep up to speed with current class abilities, discs, spells, AA, and a slew of other things related directly to your class.  This is why we stress and demand that you be actively reading your class forums and are encouraged to engage in discussions with others about everything related to your class and/or indirectly related to your performance (ie, ADPS too!).

Time played in EQ doesn't automatically translate into good play.  Nor does it mean playing as you did when you first started is effective or acceptable at our raid level.  Over time, one can pick up bad habits, or become complacent in a group or raid setting. 

Every class/role has a learning curve, and depth.  Listed below are some lucid thoughts in this same vein:
  • Do not expect to absorb everything about your class in a single sitting.
  • Do not think you know everything about your class (because you don't, I don't either).  There are others out there that know more.
  • Do not envy others for knowing more about your class.  Instead, TAP INTO IT as a source of valuable information.
  • Sharing information isn't taboo!  Helping other raiders improve their game, increases our overall raid performance.
Whether you are on the receiving or giving end of helpful game improving tip(s), your action/reaction reflects your attitude. 

Offering Advice:

When offering advice to a fellow GH'er, it's all about your messaging.  Break the ice if you don't know the other person and/or they're new to our raid team.  Size up their knowledge with a question that inadvertently taps for infomation.  Here's an easy example:  /tell (Character) Hey Character, I noticed you're using Spell/Disc02 instead of Spell/Disc01, are you seeing better results with that?  From there, you can dive deeper into a discussion and get at what you're really trying to accomplish; which is dispensing advice constructively, but not offensively.  Doing it this way, doesn't put people on the defensive.

Receiving Advice:

If you're receiving advice from someone or others, don't be offended!  Be open minded, and not judgemental.  Consider their advice, apply it, and gauge the results (be it through parsing, or other applicable means).  Remember, there are others that know more than you.  But just the same, not everyone is always right!  Question to clarify, and always apply/evaluate if in doubt.

When witnessing poor play and/or performance from others, the worst thing we can do as a team is NOTHING.  Inaction is not acceptable.  Always look to identify issues, inefficiencies, and engage in preventative and/or corrective action in a respectful way.  We operate as a team.  Our individual actions directly affect our overall performance.

Gear Path Planning

Everyone should be planning their raid gear path.  This is important for two big reasons:
  • Planning ahead can allow for better gear choices.
  • Clicking item links frantically trying to size up all the drops at raid time is inefficient.
Gear Path Plan

Use and spreadsheet software of your preference, or profile feature.

At, you can filter items by whatever stat/mod that compliments your class/role and focus.  You can look at EACH raid event we are actively hitting and view the drop tables. 

PS:  Yes, I plan my loot upgrades ahead of time, using MS Excel spreadsheet to do it.  Very simple.  Obtained items are then checked off the list.  Took all of maybe 30 mins to an hour to do it up.  As we progress through tiers, I adjust the list accordingly.

OMG you link the items and start loot too fast!!
(aka, clicking item links frantically trying to size up all the drops at raid time...)

This isn't amateur hour.  By planning ahead, you know what will drop, you know what you're after, and you can JUMP RIGHT IN AND BID FOR IT.  There's no clicking links; trying to frantically compare it to what you're wearing, and factoring in all the variables within a span of 30 seconds... Get real, and get serious.

Consider also, that by attempting to make decisions on the fly for gear, it slows down the bidwar process.  Because what happens often is, an item comes up, a player looks at it; 30 seconds later determines it is an upgrade.  The player then starts in bidding late in the process.  Had they entered 30 seconds ago, the bids would have expedited higher more quickly, potentially resulting in faster closure.

Suggested Character Minimums

In addition to meeting the minimum level requirements.  It's strongly advised that you consider your character(s) survivability within the content we currently raid.

Character Development Suggestions:

  • Replace your weak slots with current expansion group gear, or equivalent.
  • Investment in Defensive AA lines
  • Aspire to reach maximum level soon after each expansion release.  This results in significant offense and defensive improvements.
  • Secure an experience buffer into your level.
  • Evaluate your performance on raids, and put effort into the needed areas to improve.

Survival Policy

This is to address situations where; through observation over a period of time; it becomes clear that the individual in question (be it a main, box, or alt), simply does not meet the necessary suggested development beyond the minimum requirements needed for survival on our raids.

In such rare situations, the person(s) in question, will be asked to consider developing their character further, before attending and/or allowed entry to future Grey Horizon raids.  This action should not be taken personally, nor as an attack towards a playstyle.  The greater good of the raid as a whole takes precedence.

The burden of any action taken will be mine.  In addition, no person other then myself will perform above said action.  Those with Raid Authority hold no responsibility in performing this action, nor does it suggest consultation was done prior to or following the above action.


Mains, Alts and Boxes

This section is to clarify Grey Horizon policy as it relates to the following classifications: Main, Alts, Boxes

There is no intention here to single out a particular playstyle or any of the above classifications.


Main: A single active character, to which the largest effort/time investment is put into its development.

Alt: An alternate of your "Main", to which lesser effort/time comparatively is exerted towards its development.

Box: An alternate, played simultaneously in combination with a Main or Alt(s).

Note:  The classification of a "Main" is singular, not plural.  It's used in plural form occasionally, when referring to a body of "mains", as it relates to a grouping of individuals, each playing a main character.

Situational Considerations

It's recommended to play your main character during raids, however, you may be asked to play another class of yours or even box one so long as you have boxing skills on raid events. If we are short certain classes and you have a box or prefer to switch to an alt to fill in that void, you may speak directly to the leader (Sarkus) to see what he thinks and is ok with that decision.

  • Offering to switch to a needed class for a particular event is acceptable.
  • Offering to drop a boxed character for a particular event, knowing you cannot respond to certain mechanics is encouraged.
  • Offering to drop a boxed character, to make room in the raid for a "Main" or "Alt" is encouraged.
With regards to the final bullet point above, the reference to "Main or Alt", should be taken in context.  The suggestion that the two classifications be given equal consideration is intentional.  The reason is simple, many individuals raid the same content with their "Main" as part of a guild or alliance.  In an effort to avoid lockout conflicts, their only option is to attend our raids using their "Alt".  Therefore, it's not fair or realistic to distinquish between the two classifications.

It's important to realize the entire purpose of Grey Horizon raids is to allow for as many "individuals" as we can support, the same opportunity to participate in our raids.

Boxing Competency Policy

This is to address situations where; through observation over a period of time; it becomes clear that the individual in question, cannot adequately box multiple characters with enough competence to react, maintain, and/or sufficiently deal with circumstances or event mechanics which take place during our raids. 

In these circumstances, the person will be asked politely to not box, and instead focus their efforts on a single character of their choice.  This action requires the individual to drop the box from the raid/instance, and not simply leave the character unattended with the expectation of Loot or DKP gains towards it, subsequent to event completion.

Common inadequacies can include, but is not limited to any of the following:
  • Failure to react to event action/movement emotes.
  • Inability to move efficiently from one event to another.
  • Failure to perform class function, in any capacity.
  • Inadaquate computer hardware/software, resulting in crashes; slowing the raid down.
The burden of any action taken will be mine.  In addition, no person other then myself will perform above said action.  Those with Raid Authority hold no responsibility in performing this action, nor does it suggest consultation was done prior to or following the above action.


This is not an effort to discourage functional boxers from attending Grey Horizon raids.  It is however, important to realize that inefficient boxing can be a huge detriment to our raiding efforts.

Boxing on a raid, is not the same as boxing group content.  When boxing group content, you can move and stop at your own pace; there are normally no AE's or emote mechanics involved.  Quite often any adds hit for less then what you would encounter in a raid (depending on the content of course).

AFK Policy

There are times, when AFK is unavoidable and/or necessary.  This isn't to debate specifics as to what constitutes valid reasons to AFK or anything of the sort.  The purpose here is to suggest the best times to AFK, and to plan accordingly.  Additionally, to outline what is unacceptable AFK behavior, and possible consequences.

AFK Suggestions:

If you must AFK, below are the suggested times that are best to do so, without largely compromising our efficiency and risk.

During Prep: Briefly prior to buffs, and/or shortly afterwards as needed.  Avoid/Briefly, when trash clearing is involved.

During Event: Never, unless emergency.

During Loot: Only if you have no intention of /randoming and/or bidding on any items.

During Moves:  Avoid if possible, as it's a hassle/risk to catch up.

Excessive AFK

Any AFK longer then 10 minutes, without a valid reason(s), and/or observed consistantly, will result in removal from the raid/instance. 

The following warnings will be sent prior to removal, in an attempt to prevent such action:

  • A blank /tell sent, with expectation of a timely reply
  • One or more /vtells sent, with expectation of a timely reply
Following removal, it's often likely you'll be replaced by someone eagerly waiting for a spot.  If you happen to return once we've already engaged the target, or just prior to, it's likely you'll be ask politely to wait until after the event for a re-invite (providing we're not at capacity).

To be clear, this isn't done as punishment for abusing AFK.  It's simply tedious and distracting dealing with re-invites immediately prior to engages or during.  Often times, re-invites require either CoTHs of said person, and/or directions to reach us, resulting in further delays.


AFKs, for no good reason other then to slack while everyone else puts forth concerted effort isn't fair.  In fact, it's completely disrespectiful towards your fellow raiders.  All I ask is that, if/when you AFK, please keep it as brief as possible and feel free to utilize the /afk function if you wish to do so.  Thanks.

Exploiters, Hacks, and Plooters, Oh Joy!

We are vehemently against all forms of hacks, exploits, 3rd party programs etc.  It's not tolerated in any regard what so ever.  I've turned away people from raids, and told them right out that they're not welcome here as they're known exploiters/plooters.  We don't have to prove our case against anyone.  By denying these people entry to our raids, it helps ensure a level playing field for us all.

We're trying to build a respectable force of individuals who want to progress and help others.  These two goals alone don't mesh with exploiters/plooters.  Their goals are simple, to cheat at any costs, quit EQ and PA their characters for money in RL.  I could go on for pages about how much these people annoy me, but I won't.
Needless to say, we have deny lists, I enforce them.  I don't feel bad about it in any way.  Aiding these individuals in their EQ development in any form would degrade us all.

Noncompliance Policy

This policy covers any/all guidelines outlined in this document. 

Failure to comply with one or more guildeline(s) outlined within this document and/or stated during our raids is sufficient grounds for removal from the instance and/or raid at the time and further/future participation both temporary and/or permanent.

Be aware:

The clause above is necessary to handle times when faced with individuals who clearly demonstrate no intentions of complying with our rules for the betterment of the team.

Unless otherwise stated, this isn't a zero-tolerance policy.  Each infraction is considered in context, and subject to judgement whether sufficient action is warranted, and/or whether the individual has made the necessary adjustments in order to conform.

The clause is not used to remove players who simply make mistakes, or anything down those lines.  We're very tolerant of mishaps, and understand they happen.  It's all part of the learning process.