Serious Raiders Wanted

August 22, 2015 by Viprador

Do you enjoy raiding with a fun group of players who just enjoy EQ and having fun?  Then Grey Horizon is for you!  We are currently raiding & progressing through TDS & TBM and looking for more players! Serious raiders only - who don't give up so easily when frustrated! If lows get you down and you want greener pastures fast and easy, don't bother applying. We work hard together to progress.

*Must Be Committed!*

  If you enjoy raiding... Then Grey Horizon is it!  Bring your game!!

- Level 105
- 7000+ AA
- Raid times (Fri & Wed) between 7:00 PM EST - 10:00 PM EST / (Sat & Sun) between 2:00 PM EST - 6:00 PM EST
- Computer connection that can support raiding with up to 54 people.
- Gina is helpful for most raids. Download link
- Updated Magelo (not required but highly recommended)

In some cases if there is a high need for a specific class we will accept people with requirements below what is listed.  However this is normally only in the AA department.  You must also be making an active effort to meet said requirements before you will even be considered a full member.

To Post an application:
- Register on the forums under your in game name and then contact an officer in game so they can approve your account.  (Affpak, Hellan, Saidyan,     Ellrezzer, Sarkus, Rhayzer)
- Login to the forums and click Fill out an Application Today link or:
- Post an application Here.
- Contact one of our officers.

So You Know
  We consider many things.  But the following are items that are very important to us.

- Your Augs - We can farm gear but Augs are up to you.  They show a level of dedication and the care you have taken into becoming a very   good player.  We highly recommend you take a look at augments Here and based on your class make an effort to populate those aug
  slots!  You can't go wrong with AC augs!

- Your AA's - Did you apply them to the right things based on your class?  How many of those AA's did you actually earn?

- How long you have been playing.  We really want players who know EQ and who are interested in the ins and outs of the game.  Some of
  this comes with time and an understanding of your own character.  Especially in this day and age of heroic characters and free AA's.

- When you are online during raid hours we expect you to raid...  This is a raiding guild!

  Thank you for your interest in Grey Horizon!